All About Me

              Ever since I was a baby l loved animals! They were so amazing. When I was eight years old I got my first dog her name is Rosie and I have learned so many things from her. Like how to be patient, how to let go, and most of all being more loving to everything around me. My mom is an amazing person and she has an animal problem just like I do.  We always end up with lots of critters.

              I have asthma and when my mom was researching she found that raw milk was supposed to help with my lungs. Raw milk is fantastic for you it has tons of benefits. My mom decided to get a milk cow, but not just any milk cow an A2A2 Guernsey cow. My dad had to drive to California to get this cow. Just to let you know we live in Arizona. You can’t just get one, right? My dad drove again to California and got two more Guernsey cows. Then we got chickens and turkeys. At one point we had over 120 chickens! Then as the years went on we did decided to sell are cows at this time I was around 10 years old.

              Now we are going to move forward two years. This little voice inside said, “You need goats.” It took a little bit convincing my dad, My mom loved the idea. So when ended get two goats in April of 2018. We said,” We only are getting two.” Now we have 12 goats and a lot of cute babies. A lot of people call this Goat math. Now I am starting my own business all about goats and living with a healthy lifestyle. I have always wanted to grow my food and live on a homestead. This is just the very beginning of our journey.

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