What To Get For Chicks


Right now I have 14 baby chicks.  What do you need to have baby chicks?  Well I will tell you.

You need:

  • Baby chick food (you can find it at a feed store or right here)
  • Chick food feeder
  • Water
  • Something to put the water in
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • A shelter with heat lamp

The apple cider vinegar helps fight bad germs and diseases.  This is what I use. To feed and water you are going to need these or some kind of similar feeder and waterer.  When chicks are super small you have to protect them and provide heat.  You will need a chick heating lamp with light cover and chick Brooder Box.  Now you will need chicks. When you get your chicks play with them and pet them.  So they are super nice.

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If you have any questions.  Please tell me in the comments.

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