Going Zero Waste

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Did you ever wonder if you could save the world like Superman?  Well, you can by going zero waste.  We make so much trash it destroyed mother nature.  We throw away the trash but it just ends up in the sea.  Is that right, no it not.  Two wrongs don't make it right.  So let go zero waste together and save the world.

My mom and I are going zero waste.  Zero waste is not using plastic.  You use glass, metal, and biodegradable materials. In one year 38 billion water bottles last year were wasted. Each year 1 billion tooth bushes were thrown away that is 50 million pounds! That is a lot.

The first thing I did was research on this topic. I found recipes and made my own deodorant, toothpaste, lotion, and more. I found a toothbrush that was biodegradable. Here is the link.  The first places I started was the bathroom.  I work my way to the kitchen. I am still trying to go zero waste. It is a very long transfer.

Don't be to hard on yourself but don't go to easy. I will help you on the way. Leave a comment to ask me questions. I hope you're going zero waste to help the world.

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